Rafael Núñez Aponte - Evento Fin del ransomware 2018

Sergio Maestre Claims It is Indeed Possible to Stop a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware and Blockchain 2018 host and organizer, Sergio Maestre, hopes to present all the attendees with as many tools to prevent and stop any ransomware attack as possible

Last Wednesday and Thursday, the Maestre Corporation held the Ransomware & Blockchain event, dedicating its third edition to the presentation of the latest finds on how to identify, stop and prevent any data hijacking attacks.


Sergio Maestre, the Maestre Corporation’s CEO, said that “The issue of ransomware is quite complex and we have been victims of it for the last few years. We believe that there is a lot of information that our attendees should know in order to be able to develop their tools for protection against this threat.”


Maestre also states that he aims to explain, step by step, how this all works, what are the most common mistakes and what would the most efficient solutions be in order to protect companies from this threat.



He claimed that ransomware attacks can, indeed, be stopped. He asserted that these attacks “have different stages, each one of them characterized by a particular behavior, and there are security solutions that can detect and foil a ransomware attack against a technological infrastructure right on time, before the encryption of the documents or even before any ransom demands are made.”


The company led by Rafael Núñez Aponte, MásQueDigital, was also present at this event, in which the attendees were able to learn about some key points, such as the importance of understanding the complexity of a threat, since it can be much more serious than expected, as well as taking into account the possibility of considering security solutions other than the ones their companies were already entertaining.

“We want everyone who came here today to go home with a clear understanding of what ransomware really is: an advanced threat with many sides and ramifications to take into consideration,” assured Maestre.

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