Más Que Seguridad How to make secure online purchases

How to make secure online purchases

The 21st century has set a trend in online shopping, the Covid-19 pandemic has made “delivery” more famous and, precisely, applications have taken on greater prominence; however, like everything else, in this modern world more than one has also been scammed for blindly trusting what is seen.

Buyers and how to be safe online

Más Que Seguridad How to make secure online purchases

Ángel Sahagún, who is CEO and founder of Albo, proposes a series of steps that must be followed for a secure online purchase.

  • Appropriate connection: It is the first key step, the ideal to make a purchase is that you are connected from your home or a secure platform, since your data could be stolen and end in serious problems.


  • Always check the seller: Take the time to check if there are opinions from other buyers and, above all, it is important that you avoid offers that come to you through WhatsApp or social networks.


  • Time to pay: This is the most important and delicate aspect of the whole process; therefore, never give the option to “remember the password”, this would be an easy way to expose your data.


After you make your purchase online, save any proof or data that certifies that you have made the payment and, of course, it is also important that you can leave your experience written somewhere.


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