In the digital word, the protection of critical information infrastructures goes hand in hand with the development of services of information security, forensics and monitoring.


The professionals of the IT team of MásQueSeguridad have renowned experience in the digital security area and hold a great innovative vision and expertise in technology consultancy.


MásQueSeguridad offers a set of strategic cyber security services, aimed at the protection against threats by minimizing the risks derived from the use of the information technologies.


MásQueSeguridad is a company with extensive experience in offering cyber security consultancy, auditing and training services in order to contribute to the success of our clients’ companies.


Generate innovative practices for services and products in the areas of information security and business continuity, as well as offer comprehensive technological consultancy and support, by a human talent with recognized experience, in order to successfully improve the protection of our clients’ assets for them to accomplish their companies’ objectives and operate at an acceptable risk level at all times.


MásQueSeguridad is a leading company in the national and international market that provides its clients with Information Security and Business Continuity services and products for them to operate at an acceptable risk level.

Values that distinguish us







Your organization reassurance depends on its security

Our services assist the organizations in the identifications of the possible attack vectors that could affect them.
Statistics of the attack vectors used by third parties in order to take control of the organizations:
Email: attached files and malicious links 0
Files downloaded from websites 0
Vulnerabilities in users’ applications 0
Vulnerabilities in web applications 0
Removable storage devices 0
Failures in the configurations of user’s devices 0
Vulnerabilities in the application services 0
Failures in the design of the perimeter security strategy 0
Unsafe remote access services 0
Vulnerabilities in the DNS service 0
Vulnerabilities in IOT devices 0
Vulnerabilities in cloud services 0
Others 0
Source: SANS Institute

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