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Always aiming to meet your Information Security needs, MásQueSeguridad offers the widest variety of services in this area.

Safe Office

Keeping a reliable, trustworthy and safe work environment is not only strategic for your company to guarantee the business continuity, but it also enables the increase of your competitive advantage by preventing that third parties use sensible information leakages, installation of malicious software, unauthorized access, poorly defined security policies and back up failures against your business.

MásQueSeguridad analyzes and optimizes the IT Security controls in order to identify and strengthen the reliability levels of the strategies for the protection and safekeeping of the information, always keeping in mind the compliance with the internationally recognized existing standards.


Vulnerability Analysis

Recognizing the information assets involved in the architecture and design of the technological platform can even turn into vulnerability for the operational structure of the subject organization, and therefore, it can be a threat that could enable some kind of attack.

MásQueSeguridad not only executes the detection of threats coming from third parties to the information assets that could be affected, but it also determines the risk level associated to each of the threats in order to classify them according to their impact and frequency for the sake of establishing the guidelines that enable their elimination, control and mitigations according to the business priorities for maintaining the business continuity.

New threats and attack techniques are becoming more and more frequent and they are from the domain of several cybercriminals that are just waiting for the opportunity to break into your system at the most unexpected time.

Penetration Tests

(Networks, Infrastructure and Web Applications)

These types of tests are conducted due to the need for early detecting breaches in the network perimeters, in the digital infrastructure and in the information systems of the organization that might enable third parties to have unauthorized access through the uses of different attack methods, which are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day.

To have previously conducted a Vulnerability Analysis in order to execute these tests is not a requirement. However, for a Comprehensive Security Consultancy project it is the most recommended option.

Therefore, MásQueSeguridad works with the methodology based on: Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), which without doubt will strengthen the excellence of the services provided by our team of experts.


Auditing and Development

Of Policies, Norms and Procedures of Information Security

For many companies the security policies do not have the relevance they deserve until a security event makes evident:

The lack of proper control methods; the lack of knowledge on the part of the employees about how to face possible threats and the little preparation on the part of the company before the loss of information that affect their business continuity.

Among several other causes that could have a negative impact on the security, the confidentiality and the availability of the information; We can conclude that the lack of well documented security policies, norms and procedures, as well as their little dissemination, are the most common failures that cause these types of events.

MásQueSeguridad conducts a study about the compliance with the security policies and controls established in the client company in order to generate the suggestions and recommendations for closing the existent breaches with the current ISO standards and the reference standards.

Digital Forensics

If you were a victim of a security breach in any of your information assets (Authenticity, Integrity, confidentiality or availability), it is important to conduct an investigation about the affected computing resources of the organization in order to determine its origins. That shall also enable the preparation and application of an action plan contemplating all the activities, tools, techniques, staff and other appropriate resources for ensuring the correct application of the internationally recognized practices in this matter, and specifically the ones related to the type of attack or threat detected during the investigation.

For MásQueSeguridad the possibility of learning from past experiences and adversities is essential for a continuous improvement.


Legal Advising

In MásQueSeguridad we have a team of experts in consultancy and application of legal procedures according to the Venezuelan “Especial Act against Digital Crimes” and similar other countries’ current Laws aiming to promote the defense and complaint against any type of digital threats and attacks that could negatively affect, among other aspects, the reputation of people, brands, products, services, companies and institutions.

Professional Training and Development

Consist in teaching curses, workshops and lab practices in order to consolidate knowledge, develop skills and strengthen the abilities of the participants for the purpose of boost the comprehensive management of the Information Security.

Among its objectives we can find:


The definition of basic and advanced concepts related to the world of Information Security, the methodologies used for the Digital Forensics and the Ethical Hacking techniques.


The incident prevention measures, the security incident response times and the control setting and auditing processes.


The best practices about Information Security and other trending contents.


The new technologies applied to the Information Security and the recognized International Standards (ISO) in order to ensure the correct application of the best practices in terms of Information Security.

According to the preparation levels of the participants, the specialization levels of such courses can be:

  • Intermediate.
  • Advanced.

We also offer “Awareness Talks” that allow to educate the participants about the benefits, risks and commitments deriving from the established guidelines in the Information Security policy.


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