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Douglimar Rojas: Our essence at Fundasitio is to help, educate and transform.

Our Social Responsibility Manager explained the organization’s programs during a radio interview with journalist María Laura García.


Constancy, achievements, learning and evolution, are words that perfectly describe the trajectory that our organization has had. And it’s that throughout these 7 years, Fundasitio has been dedicated to designing experiences of social responsibility, development and digital attention, providing growth opportunities to all its beneficiaries.


This was stated by Douglimar Rojas, Manager of Social Responsibility, during a recent interview with the journalist María Laura García, on her program A tu salud la Revista, in which she explained the transformation we have had since 2014 —the year in which our director Rafael Núñez decided to undertake this dream —until today.


“When we started we donated websites and since then, we have worked hand in hand with a great multidisciplinary team: designers, communicators, collaborators who have done their bit to help non-profit organizations in relation to digital inclusion,” he said. our manager, who added that we are currently promoting our space called Proyecta: Un universo informativo of Fundasitio.

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“It is a space for training and learning to encourage, offer tools and give opportunities to our beneficiaries.” He added that within our scheme, we have the programs: Lottus, focused on educational institutions and Emplosión, in which we address pillars such as personal development, professional skills and digital tools.


He also spoke about the Rinconcito soñador, “a space for cooperation and learning aimed at children, adolescents, where we provide psychological assistance and accompany them on that path of motivation, trying to identify their vocations, their identities and to be able to give them that little push so that they project their future and they can be what they want to be, that they dream, and make their dreams come true”, he argued.


Alliances with collaborators


Our manager also referred to the alliances we have achieved to promote our programs and continue offering our helping hand to those who need it most. “We have the guarantee and the certainty of continuing to bet on the country… making invitations and relationships with good allies, with people interested in being part of this initiative, always promoting the essence of helping, educating and transforming.”


He added that our organization has had reach in Caracas, Puerto Ordaz, La Guaira, Barquisimeto, and always with the expectation “to continue adding, to continue joining forces, with social leaders who want to help and promote solidarity.”


Finally, it made our contacts available to radio listeners to continue adding collaborators who want to live the experience of filling the hearts of others with joy.


“Our contacts to join efforts, to create alliances, to benefit educational entities is the email info@fundasitio.org, additionally, you can find us on our website through fundasitio.org and on our Instagram: @fundasitio.”


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