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¿What is expected in cybersecurity for 2021?

According to cybersecurity specialists, 2021 will still be marked by the health crisis that arose due to Covid-19 throughout 2020. At least the first semester will be marked by threats and fears of the disease and will continue there, focusing their attacks on those who take advantage of vulnerabilities.

Similarly, the forced adoption of teleworking by many companies so as not to stop their activities and their assimilation, in some cases abrupt, of this modality by many workers will continue to be a vulnerability.

It is possible that, due to the appearance of vaccines and the delay in their distribution, emails will begin to appear with offers to obtain them, pages of fake companies to acquire them and all kinds of computer tricks to attract people and institutions to be scammed.

The theft of corporate data for sale on the deep web and dark web will continue to be one of the main objectives of cybercriminals and with the implementation of the 5G network globally, it is not surprising that in 2021 attacks increase.

As it will be seen, in 2021 cybersecurity should be one of the priority issues for all companies, which will have to establish effective barriers against these dangers and determine their most vulnerable points.

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