OpenSaturday gathered over 300 digital tech specialists

The experts talked about the details of the world of information and communication, making an emphasis on the importance of creating new ways to guarantee user safety.


Around 300 young adults and information safety & tech professionals participated in the OpenSaturday event, celebrated at the Dominican University O&M’s La Romana center, with the support of the Dominican Republic’s Linux community.


The gathering boasted of talks from a number of specialists on the matter, such as Orlando Mota, the University’s engineering department’s director, and Col. Feliz Alcántara, director of the Department of High-Tech Crime Investigation (D.I.C.A.T.), who opened the event.


The day’s events saw the participation of:

  • Rilke Petrosky Ulloa, information technology safety researcher.
  • Officer Alfredo Heriberto Lajara Brea, from the 911’s forensic video department.
  • Elkin Valenzuela Mateo, D.I.C.T.’s forensic manager.
  • César Moliné, BA and I.N.D.O.T.E.L.’s CyberSafety director.
  • Carlos Leonardo, C.S.I.R.T.-R.D. director. 

The event also saw the participation of a number of other Information Technology Safety professionals from different levels of government.


It also saw the especial participation of Rafael Núñez Aponte, MásQueDigital’s director, also known as ‘Rafa Hacker’, who talked about his experiences on the web’s “dark side”, as well as the legal problems and repercussions that came with them. He also offered tips and key advice on how to strengthen the safety of information on the internet, and how to avoid becoming a victim of either scams or those highly-feared threats known as ransomware.


Gilberto Pérez, who organized the event, said that this would be the last time the event would be celebrated at La Romana, where it took place for the last four consecutive years.


Pérez, with the support of Jonathan Moreno and Víctor Recio (who also helped found the event) remarked on the amount of effort required to celebrate the activity and honored all those who, for the past four years, helped create and maintain tech-minded communities in the island, all which have helped guide countless people in such an important subject as safety, which is key when it comes to our future.

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