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Forum ‘Transformación Tecnológica en la Venezuela de Hoy’ (Tecnhonological Transformation on Today’s Venezuela) Will Have Rafael Nuñez as a Ponent

The Comité de Tecnología de Información y Comunicación de la Cámara Venezolano Británica de Comercio (BritCham’s Information and Comunication Comittee) invites you to the forum “Transformación Tecnológica en la Venezuela de Hoy” (Tecnhonological Transformation on Today’s Venezuela) which will be held on November 7th at the UIniversidad Metropolitana de Caracas (UNIMET) and it will have a presentation from our CEO, Rafael Núñez Aponte.


Focused on the era of the new digital tools, the main objective of this meeting will be to spread the word on different matters related to the current technological world, specifically to those related on Venezuela’s technological transformation.


“As BritCham and all the other organizations allied to FedEuropa – institution that holds 10 binational European chambers – we support this initiative with joy, knowing that it will be executed for the first time at the UNIMET”, said Ian Stein, BritCham’s General Manager, thanking the institution for opening its doors to support teaching and researching matters.


As well as Rafael White Hacker Nuñez’s participation, the forum will count with the participation of other eight experts, who will examinate and analyse diverse proposals on the country’s technological area.



The Experience Debate


“Transformación Tecnológica en la Venezuela de Hoy” (Tecnhonological Transformation on Today’s Venezuela) will be the perfect opportunity for the exchange of ideas on the current technological situation in the country.


“We hope to have a selected audience composed by the executives of many different technological companies, as well as by advanced students on the technological fields, who will have the chance of learning and sharing their valuable experiences and knowledge” – Stein assured.


In the sense, BritCham’s General Manager mentioned that the cover to assist and participate on the forum is affordable. “The enrollment will be done through BritCham and through all the other Chambers that have joined the initiative (…) the deadline will be the day previous to the event” – Stein added.


The event, as well as MásQueDigital and MásQueSeguridad, will have the participation of many other allied companies, awarded by FedEuropa, sush as Dayco Host, PwC, Know Your Customer, Avila Go, Artech Digital, among others.



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