Britcham introduces 8 new vital technologies for future-minded businesses

Over 250 upcoming tech advances were reviewed with only the most important tones earning a place on the stage, as they are expected to completely chance the world of business in the next five years.

Britcham, the Venezuelan-British Chamber of Commerce, in the framework of Fedeuropa and the support of Pacheco, Apostólico and Associates (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), proudly presents the Eight Essential Techs All Businesses Need conference, where a number of upcoming technological advances currently changing the daily world of business will be reviewed.


Technology has defined the future of businesses and enterprises at the global level, evolving on a daily basis.


Business leaders all over the world are starting to notice their importance: 76% of the world’s C.E.O.s are worried about the speed in which technology changes, while 65% of them admit that said changes will be key to the future of their businesses.


This evaluation forces businessmen everywhere to understand that these upcoming technologies must become vital part of all their business strategies in order for their enterprises to maintain their sustainability.


The event aims to combat the resistance to change that can still be found in some areas, offering businesses a solid context, born out of the deep analysis of over 250 existing tools, in order to present them with the “eight essential ones” which will set the pace of the business world in the next five years.


These eight tools will impact a number of aspects when it comes to the world of commerce: processes, employees, clients and providers. For that reason, a profound knowledge of said tools is necessary in order to make the best choices and adopt the ones that best fit each particular business.


Rafael Nuñez Aponte, president of the Britcham Technology Committee, would like to invite anyone interested to go learn more about these new technologies this next April 24th at the PwC Headquarters’ A Room (La Guarita street, PwC building, Chuao-Caracas), starting at 8:00a.m.


If you would like to assist to the event, please contact the Venezuelan-British Chamber of Commerce trough these numbers: (0212) 266-55-46 / (0212) 266-92-21 or write an e-mail to

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