Panama investigates breach of large amounts of confidential data

The Panama government announced the investigation of an alleged confidential data breach in the public healthcare system that would affect around 3,4 million Panama citizens.


Irving Hallman, director of the National Authority for Government Innovation (A.I.G.) announced via Twitter that “@SCSIRTPanama is reviewing the incident regarding citizens’ data being spread via social media, and will announce the results of the investigation as soon as they are available. Don’t spread unverified information, and wait until it’s validated by trusted entities. @InnovacionPma.”


Hallman makes reference to the AIG’s Information Technology Incidents Response Center (known as CSIRT Panama), which previously announced that “So far, no safety breach has been detected or reported in any of the platforms that are part of our government’s information technology systems. Once the investigation is concluded in accordance to the established protocols, the people will have access to its results.”


The entity admits that starting on May 8, it was made aware and started an investigation on the “alleged spread of personal, health-related data of Panama citizens.”


CSIRT’s announcement was made after “comments” appeared in social media platforms “making references to information published in a website,” regarding the supposed breach.


“We are analyzing the information regarding hacked citizens’ data in order to verify the news, given that the website in question is currently unavailable, making it impossible to validate the information it provided or its sources,” Tweeted the CSIRT.


Lía Hernández, lawyer, tweeted at the government entity that “claiming that the government was HACKED is fake news. Let us investigate first before alarming the people.”


Mayer Mizrachi, Panamanian information technology expert, was the one to right the bell via posts he made with information that he claims to have received from “friends” in Silicon Valley. He tweeted “The government has been hacked: 90% of private citizens’ data has been stolen. Names, I.D. numbers, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers and more.”

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